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I am often asked why I design jewelry. It is a simple question with a very complex answer. I design jewelry because I love stones, their colors, textures and shapes. I love the stories of where they were found, the people who discovered them, those who mine them, cut them and sell them. I love the legends, folklore and energies they hold within. I love how they come together with other stones to create a complete piece. Every stone holds a glimpse into the past, whether it is a Zircon dating back 4 billion years or a piece of history found in an ancient spearhead.

I design jewelry to create a wearable piece of artwork, to celebrate the wonder of stones and to share that wonder with others. I design jewelry to become a part of another’s story, to share a piece of myself through my passion, my art, my obsession.

As a child, I would come home with my pockets filled with rocks, shells and little fossils. Today you will still find me with stones in my pockets, but now they are opals or spinels, diamonds or tourmalines! My studio is a Rockhound’s dream, with trays of gems and fossils, boxes of antiquities, and large bins filled with rough material, all waiting for the lapidary wheels.

In my creations I focus on Balance, the constant state of movement between edgy and classic, soft and hard, organic and finished. My jewelry often combines unusual material with fine diamond melee, exquisite center stones with unique accent stones, leather and diamonds, gold and fossils. A great deal of energy and time goes into designing each piece so that all elements of the composition work perfectly together.

While my hours personally cutting stones are limited, I do treat myself to time in the cutting room with my treasured opals and other unique material. My focus on creating one-of-a-kind pieces requires me to be very hands-on in my studio, often sitting with my goldsmiths to make sure my vision is unfolding perfectly.

So why do I design jewelry? Because it is an honor to work with such precious material to create an item that someone else will want to take home and make a part of her own story. It is a perfect balance of my passions.

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